About Accident Pharmacy

Accident Pharmacy is a pharmacy service for personal injury victims of auto accidents and slip and fall on lien. Through a network of more than 59000 pharmacies nationwide, which includes all major pharmacies, we provide access to or even deliver the prescribed medication to the victim’s doorstep, within 24 hours of ordering.Unlike most pharmacy services on lien, Accident Pharmacy requires No Co-Pay and there are No hidden deductibles either. You can take the services of Accident Pharmacy with confidence, knowing that at least in one area, you will be secure and have peace of mind, in case you do face an unfortunate situation like an car accident.
We understand that while you are recovering, it is not in your best interest to worry about medical bills and medication. The service thus acts like a rough weather friend, wherein it eradicates one worry and eases an already stressful situation for you and your family.

Safeguarding against medication denials

Safeguard against untimely denials and ensure continuity of care with Accident Pharmacy. Accident Pharmacy works with your doctor and lawyers to ensure that you your access to medication isn’t hampered.If you are a personal injury lawyer, or if you are an ER operator, Emergency Pharmacy will be able to help your clients deal with a stressful situation much better and ensure an easy and comfortable way to access the proper medication.