Personal Injury Doctors

Accident Pharmacy is a specialized Pharmacy Services provider which provides necessary medication to your personal injury patients on lien and on time. Being a nationwide service with tie-ups with more than 59000 pharmacies, including all major ones across the United States, we are able to deliver medicines to your patients’ doorsteps within 24 hours, anywhere and everywhere.
We at Accident Pharmacy understand that treating victims of personal injury can bring with it a complex set of problems which can range from additional paperwork, phone calls and follow up with concerned agencies to ensure that treatment and remuneration for the same can go hand in hand without a hitch. Often, that is not the case and you are faced with a difficult situation wherein you are unable to continue treatment due to claims denials. Accident Pharmacy works with your patients’ attorneys and insurers so that his/her prescription and payment needs are handled before any injury claim is settled and no disputes arise post treatment.

Accident Pharmacy & Doctors

Our simple and hassle free process has been designed with empathy towards the victim and his/her caregivers, since Accident Pharmacy goes by the belief that the victims’ sole focus should be on recovery and doctors solely on their duties as a medical professional. Hence we strive to minimize the time that you are forced to spend on administrative hassles and allow you to focus on your patients. There are little to none out of pocket expenses for the patient to worry about, with zero co-pay and zero deductions.