Accident Pharmacy considers itself as a patient’s rough weather friend and hence we work accordingly. We aren’t just any pharmacy service that offers medicines on lien, but rather patient advocates who prioritize the patients’ recovery and comfort above all else.

Our processes are extremely simple and completely hassle free, since we understand that administrative hassles are the last thing anyone wants to face while injured. We remove the need for annoying paperwork and cut through administrative red tape to ensure that the patient is untroubled and is not left vulnerable to many of the situations that can arise during personal injury recoveries.

As a personal injury victim in either automobile accidents or slip and fall, the first thing that you have to deal with is the shock, since these unwanted incidents are always so sudden and you can be caught completely unawares. Now while getting treated, you might run into a lot of hassles that can make you feel vulnerable and helpless. Especially if suddenly your treatment or medication cannot be continued due to claims denial and lack of immediate money. Hospitals are bound by certain administrative restrictions and will be forced to deny to you medication in case of such scenarios.

Claims denials are more common than you probably think they are, and most of them stem from either an incorrect understanding of the policy, exhausting the predefined limit or policy limitations regarding certain treatments or medication. In case of automobile accidents, insurers can also deny a claim if the insured has broken a certain state law like drunk driving or driving incorrectly/dangerously.

This is where we come in. As a nationwide service provider, we work with your medical caregivers and attorneys to ensure that your treatment can continue without a hitch by providing you pharmacy services on lien. Unlike most other such services there are no co-pay requirements, neither are there troublesome deductions. With a network of more than 59000 pharmacies across the US, including all major pharmacies, we are able to deliver your prescribed medication to your doorstep within 24 hours of a request.

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